How The Ambassador Program Works

AFTRHRS Ambassador Program - FAQs

How It Works:

  1. Sign Up: Apply for the AFTRHRS Ambassador Program by clicking here.
  2. Receive Your Gear: Whether you choose the Ambassador Kit or other items, your purchase will help you start representing AFTRHRS.
  3. Set Up Your Dashboard: After your purchase, you'll receive an email with instructions to set up your Ambassador Dashboard and create your unique sharing code.
  4. Promote and Earn: Wear your AFTRHRS gear, share your unique code with your followers, and start earning commissions on every purchase made with your code.


Q: What is the AFTRHRS Ambassador Program? A: The AFTRHRS Ambassador Program is a flexible and rewarding way for you to promote our brand, earn commissions, and receive exclusive discounts on our products.

Q: How do I join the AFTRHRS Ambassador Program? A: Apply for the AFTRHRS Ambassador Program by clicking here.

Q: What’s included in the Ambassador Kit? A: The kit includes a premium heavy-weight tee with a trendy, boxy fit and two economical yet soft tees. This variety helps you cater to different customer preferences.

Q: How do I earn commissions? A: Share your unique code with your followers. They get a discount on their purchases, and you earn a 15% commission on every sale made with your code. It's a win-win situation!

Q: How do I set up my Ambassador Dashboard? A: After purchasing your kit or any item, you'll receive an email with instructions to set up your Ambassador Dashboard and create your unique sharing code. Make sure to check your spam or promotions folder if you don’t see the email.

Q: How often should I post about AFTRHRS? A: We recommend posting at least twice a week. Regular, authentic content helps keep your audience engaged and increases your chances of earning commissions.

Q: What kind of content should I post? A: Share high-quality photos and videos of you wearing AFTRHRS gear, tell your story about why you love the brand, and use our slogan: "YOUR DARKEST HOURS MAKE YOUR BRIGHTEST DAYS." Engage with your audience through comments and interactive stories.

Q: Can I collaborate with other influencers? A: Absolutely! Collaborating with other influencers or participating can help you expand your reach and attract more followers.

Q: What if I have questions or need support? A: We’re here to help! If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to us via email.

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